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          2.   首頁 公司簡介 產品展示 新聞中心 工程案例 招商加盟 服務中心 聯系我們  
            公司概況 About Us

               E-mail:  [email protected]
              網址:  http://www.azcl.tw 




                Shenzhen Zhongtian Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a new set design, production, sales as one of the wooden doors, cabinets, furniture manufacturing enterprises, under the wooden doors and office furniture, two production plants. 10 years of production technology transit wooden doors and furniture products throughout the Pearl River Delta market, they are exported to Changsha, Nanchang, Wuhan ...

                Designed for families, hotels, offices and development of paint, paint wood suite door, cabinets, office partition series, has hundreds of new products. Around the "survival by quality, development through innovation" business philosophy and make unremitting efforts; through continuous introduction of advanced machinery and equipment, improved production processes, selection of high quality green raw materials, product quality is improving daily. As well as exact to ensure the stability of product quality, steadily increasing capacity to lay a solid foundation. The face of a wide range of market demand, we are committed to tapping the potential of innovation, and constantly raise newborn elements to enhance the competition ability of product value. Build a carry forward the personality to show self-platform and into production sales and service one of the service system for consumers to ensure that consumers will be comfortable to buy, and ease of use. Transit --- show the self to the "gate", we look forward to your participation, and work together to create a win-win situation.

              首頁 公司簡介 產品展示 新聞中心 工程案例 招商加盟 服務中心 聯系我們  
            地址:深圳龍崗區橫崗鎮上下路78號 電話:0755-28229619   傳真:0755-84574258

            版權所有:深圳市中天木業有限公司 粵ICP備12007834號-1    技術支持:億歐網絡   管理入口